Phundo Art – 808s

October 12, 2018

Born and raised in Soweto, South Africa, Phundo Art currently calls the UK home. A musician of the digital age, Phundo Art works solely with a producer in Russia, someone who he has never met but with who he struck up a creative bond online.

It is this music informs his live shows: passionate, party-starting rap detailing not only the good life he intends to live but the trials and tribulations he and others around him face on a daily basis.
It was the power of his live show that saw him booked for a coveted slot at the Reading and Leeds Festivals last year as well as playing at Abbie McCarthy’s Good Karma Club in London.

Following a string of successful Soundcloud releases, Phundo Art is back with 808s, a track that highlights his choice of production and penchant for melody that push his trademark take on modern rap.