MAIH – Habits

October 10, 2018

MAIH (21) is a rising new star from Bergen – Norway, following the footsteps of Aurora and Susanne Sundfør. MAIH’s new fantastic single Habits deals with great emotions and confronts the listener with the big questions of life. Her beautiful voice and wonderful musicality excels with the talented band.

Habits was created when MAIH moved away from home as a teenager and was trying to find her place in a new and unknown city. A time in her life when she felt lonely and insecure, she wrote some exceptional music, including Habits. The song is about losing your way and giving in to old habits. MAIH however leads the listener to new musical directions and paves the way for a new generation of Scandinavian pop bands. MAIH’s first single ”Habits” was mixed by Magnus Skylstad (drummer in Aurora) and will be out October 19th 2018 on the Bergen-based label Diamond Club.