Johnny Låga – Downtown feat. Signe

January 12, 2018

Downtown is the debut single of Swedi sh artist Johnny Låga . Featuring a stunning vocal

performance by SIGNE, the listener is brought on an emotional journey through catchy,

melancholic melodies.

Joining the Swedish legacy of cle verly crafted pop music, Johnny Låga’s self – made debut

stays in your ear for hours. It breathes both confidence and f ragility as the powerfu l synths

accompany the tender lyrics.

– You know, I’m probably as fascinated sitting by the piano now as when I was eight years old.

The magic of i t is that it doesn’t get boring even for a day to keep exploring the m

usic that’s within me and other people. This song als o came out of that exploration.

Downtown marks itself as the latest addition to the Scandinavian synth – heavy pop movement,

following fellow Nordic music acts like Little Dragon, Niki & the Dove, Emilie Nicolas, Robyn, MØ, Lykke Li,

Röyksopp and Susanne Sundfør.

The music is dark yet uplifting and manages to give a wink to a retro 80s sound while at the same time

expressing something very now.