Hey Gloria – Jag vill ha dig

October 1, 2018

Hey Gloria is part of the alternative rock scene in Trondheim. The band is creating their own universe of noise with influences of industrial avant-garde rock ́n ́roll.

“Jag vill ha dig” is a song that touches topics like lust, desire and wanting love. Hey Gloria consist of Linnea Jansson, a songwriter from Karlstad, Sweden and Kristin Wensel Ellingsen, a songwriter from Tromsø and Norway’s only female steel-guitarist. They share a passion for experimenting with audio and analog technology. Through their collaboration they have created their own unique sound.

«Hey Gloria har fått til den samme vibben som Velvet Underground var helt rå på! Rett fram nydelig! Mer av dette!« -NRK P3

«Litt Velvet Undergroundsk, og det trenger verden mer av.»
– Deichmanske Bibliotek, Musikkavdelingen