Doriansgrave – For You

February 12, 2018

«For You» is a track designed to be a monologue between the listener and a particular person that has played a great role in their lives. We all have that one person we love to hate, but forget to think that maybe their actions are just being misunderstood. It could be a best friend, a lover, a parent. As in this case, from the perspective of Doriansgrave, a father.

«I never really knew my father. I mean, I knew the man, but I never really understood his actions, but the older I became, the more it all began to make sense. For me personally, the track is everything my father would said to me if we ever had a chance to have a real conversation.»

Doriansgrave is a progressive hip hop artist originally from Nigeria and currently residing in Bergen. His love and passion for beat and gesticulatory poetry propelled him to establish what is now known as ‘SLAM POETRY BERGEN’, which is arguably the most celebrated yet underground poetry scene in Bergen.