The Lionheads – Kids

September 13, 2012

The Lionheads is a five-piece from Oslo, with members from different parts of Norway. Their soundscape fills up with huge guitar sounds, dreamy synths and melodic vocals.
Their inspiration is picked from different genres and their songs moves in the landscape between pop and rock.

Since their start-up in 2010 the band has been working long and hard with their song writing, which was presented for the first time at Chateau Neuf in February 2012.

Straight after they released their first demo “Stars” which was used a lot on Norwegian television (Sportsrevyen and Filmbonanza on NRK1). Added to some airtime on Norwegian radio (P3-Urørt, Radio ROX) the song now counts over 7000 plays on Souncloud and Urørt. In june the band shared stage with acts like
Madcon and Envy.

After spending the last couple of months on playing gigs and working in the studio the band finally are ready to release their first single “Kids” on Diamond Club 17. September.

Their debut album is currently in the works of producer Bjarne Stensli in Harrys Gym studio and will be revealed in the beginning of 2013.

Buy their single on iTunes here