Skogsrå – Now You See Me

January 31, 2014

Now you see me. Now you don’t.

This is the debut from Skogsrå, an as of yet anonymous one-piece outfit from Sweden creating a blend of old school funk & soul and new school indiefunk & electro R&B.

“If you’ve been looking for something to warm your soul during this frigid time of the year, look no further than this gem of a tune titled “Now You See Me” – Gotta Dance Dirty

With this single almost managing to slip through the cracks, it is now presented here before you, in all it’s heartbroken glory. More then 8 months in the making, a painstakingly chiseled six and a half minute documentary of affliction and emancipation.

Skogsrå is also the swedish name for the Huldra, warden and spirit of the forest. She is a stunningly beautiful forest creature with long hair, which partly obscures her alluringly unclad body; though from behind she is hollow like an old tree trunk with an animal’s tail.

According to lore, the Skogsrå seduces young men to follow her into her forest, rewarding those who satisfy her; while killing those who do not. One who has survives a night with the Skogsrå will most definitely find himself a permanently changed man – for his soul is forever surrendered to her.