iampsyencefiction – Beware as it Evolves on you

March 11, 2013

From being a lonely troubadour on Oslo’s indiescene, Aleksander Johansen from Gravdal in Lofoten has expanded iampsyencefiction to become one of the capital’s most exciting musical collectives. He got his first outlet on the cassette “Don’t Stall” wich was released by Siste Sukk Tapes and Records in July last year. He was named Ukas Urørt by NRK P3 in 2012 and managed to get a stamp on his release as one of the five best from the music blog Nymusikkhverdag when they summed the musical year 2012. It is from this release that “Beware as it Evolves on you”, which is now released as a single, has it’s origin.

In 2013 iampsyencefiction appears initially more dynamic. When it comes to his lineup Alexander has robbed with him a drummer from Dråpe Eirik Kirkemyr, artist Therese Aune, former Lama general Nils Martin Larsen, Svart Masse guitarist Lars Petter Karlsen and Toril Hjorthol.

The soundscapes can best be compared with The National a’la “Alligator”, Kurt Viles “Childish Prodigy” or Red House Painters “Songs for a blue guitar” supplies the band a gap in the mind with stories full of nostalgic reveries and Peter Pan complexes .

Rumor has it that iampsyencefiction has a new album on time. This is a project that seems to be in constant motion and a name that you will hear more about as seasons change.

COVER: Kjersti Alm Eriksen

FOTO: Håvard Engedal