Chrispy – I Want To Tell You

January 2, 2019

Chrispy aka Christopher Johansen is releasing his sweet indie track I Want To Tell You on Diamond Club January 11th! Chrispy’s song is a perfect blend of Long beard, Washed out og Django Django. The vocalist and songwriter is a member of the Norwegian band Mazarin Cut but has now decided to release some solo tracks. Which we couldn’t be more happy about!

In «I Want To Tell You» Chrispy sings about near and delicate relationships and how the dynamic evolves through time. He tells a story of being physically near but distant emotionally. And sometimes, the other way around. Chrispy comes from and lives in Oslo, Norway and he tells us that inspiration strikes during great concerts, effortless conversations and unexpected events. And maybe it was just this combination that sparked what became I Want To Tell You?