Bae Louie – Wonderful

October 1, 2018

Mirjam Omdal, singer and songwriter, writes about the common issue: “How to cope with a long-distance relationship”. Instead of making a slow ballad about it, Bae Louie has made a song that makes you want to dance.
Mirjam portrays the pros and cons of having a relationship that requires her to regularly buy plane tickets from Norway to her Hawaii based boyfriend. The band gives the song life by using synth sounds inspired from its greatest era: the 80’s. The drummer hits and grooves hard, and the bassline bounces just like in the good old days of Motown.

Bae Louie has four members: Mirjam Omdal on vocal, Stian Stapnes on drums, Marcus Nilsen on keys and Arild Strøm on the bass. They make hip-hop and soul inspired pop, aka Urban, and are inspired by artists like Emily King, Moonchild, Bernhoft, James Blake etc.

“Wonderful” is their first single release, but they have already played for crowds in several scenes in Oslo. They have played on “Radio Nova” and have been featured by Norwegian press. A lot of people are waiting for Bae Louise’s first release.
The track is produced by Tobias Heltzer, mixed by Nicolai Herwell and mastered by George Tanderø.