Tuvaband – Mess out now!

“Insanely good, gives me chills” – Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1
“It’s Beautiful Isn’t It» – Triple J
“Ones to watch” – The Guardian
“Melancholic music has never felt so good” – Wonderland Magazine
The 5 brand new track EP ‘Mess’ was composed, recorded and self-produced by the duo, in two apartments across the Norwegian capital of Oslo.
These beautifully crafted songs capture the same stripped-back sound which has become synonymous with Tuvaband. Blending lo-fi production, vocal layering and reverb-drenched guitars to create a raw and organic sound influenced by Bon Iver’s debut album – For Emma, Forever Ago.
The lyrics uncover a deeper meaning to the songs, with the EP constructed in a way as a story, which evolves as the EP progresses.
The EP begins with title track ‘Mess’, focused around an acoustic guitar and the delicate intimacy of Tuva’s vocals. The song was written at the duo’s first practice together in early 2014. The lyrics capture the contradiction of breaking the cycle after a long-term trauma. It’s scary to think about what will come if you break out of this cycle, because it’s an unknown existence.
The theme progresses with ‘Eventually Silence’ which deals with breaking the cycle and the aftermath. Having dealt with the personal trauma, the shift is towards the world around you, as captured in latest single ‘Trees’ and the final two songs ‘She’s Nothing Like a Child’ and ‘Outro’.
Latest single ‘Trees’ encapsulates the stripped-back, raw Tuvaband sound. Combining sparse tremolo and reverb guitars, with the melancholic intimacy of Tuva’s vocals.
A limited edition vinyl is available including the first three singles as a B-side. Tuvaband will tour internationally in 2018.
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