Slaughter Beach return with the broken dream pop of “Glaze”

The Odense-based trio of Nikolaj Westi, Mads Emil Aagaard and Hasse Mydtskov (also a member of The Kissaway Trail) came to our attention through early single “Made-Up True Love” in 2013 and made good on this promise through the Love/Venice EP in the latter half of last year.

With “Glaze”, Slaughter Beach have messed around with their sonic palette, combining forward-thinking production and recording with more than a slight nod to some of their musical influences. As the band says “we feel like this track embodies the spirit and vibe of our past, now and future as a band. There’s always been a tang of nostalgia in our music, but we’ve never been striving for just being great at emulating our heroes of some lost golden age of music…we feel as though we’ve made something that’s nostalgic and futuristic at the same time.”

The track deconstructs and degrades a dream pop framework; jangling guitars are cut through with synth buzz like The Radio Dept. sent through a 4AD filter, while water-treated vocals adding uncertainty, yet also vital melody. The opening lines of “Glaze” are “I’m so sorry that I let you down / made you crumble overnight / so I try to keep out of your way” , signalling that it’s not just the music that’s being taken apart and put back together again.