Thea Stapnes – Follow The River out now!

While rooted in the classic singer/songwriter tradition, Thea Stapnes could also be counted among those who let themselves be inspired by the electronic gizmos and multitude of opportunities of the current music scene.

In February 2015 she released the single “Run”, which was recommended by and aired on national public broadcasting NRK P3 and listed for several weeks by NRK P13. Her producer Øystein Skar (Highasakite) has ensured to place Stapnes in a larger pop-landscape, to which she has cleverly managed to add her very own flavour. In the summer of 2015, Thea returned to Lydriket Studio, Bergen, to record a new single ’Follow The River’, this time in collaboration with Skar and Odd Martin Skålnes (AURORA). 

Thea was inspired to write the song after watching the Robin Hood movie starring Russell Crowe. What was stuck in her mind was the quote “Rise and rise again until lambs become lions”. She knew she had to use this very brilliant sentence in a song and started writing at once.

‘Follow The River’ is a powerful song about having lots of perseverance and never giving up. It’s about not getting lost, trusting in something good that keep you walking towards your goal. 

The song is produced by Øystein Skar and Odd Martin Skålnes at Lydriket Studio and mastered by Alex Wharton, Abbey Road Studios.