Slaughter Beach – ClearInSight out now!

Slaughter Beach present their new single ClearInSight and announce releasetour. Debut EP “Love/Venice” out 9. Oct on Brilliance Records.

05.11 Mono, Oslo
06.11 Sørveiv, Kristiansand
09.11 The Old Blue Last, London
11.11 Huset, København
12.11 HQ, Aarhus
14.11 Sønderborghus, Sønderborg

“In the thick of sorting out which songs to put on the EP we realized that, unintentionally, we’d made a lot of slow dreamy tracks and felt a need to do something different,” the band tells us. “Unlike our usual non-dogmatic writing process, we decided to make one last track for the EP, which needed to be a more accelerated form of dreaminess. ‘Clear Insight’ was the outcome.” – Slaughter Beach