Two new singles from upcoming talents out on Balsa Wood!

We have the pleasure to present to new singles on Balsa Wood from the upcoming talents from Bergen; Niilas and Foreground Set. Both are playing on our label night 12. August on Dattera Til Hagen together with Boska and Skatebård.

Niilas is the middle name of this new 18 year old producer from Bergen, Norway. Having a background in guitar and piano from his early teens, Niilas takes inspiration from all sorts of artists and bands from the likes of Kings Of Convenience, Casiokids and Röyksopp, to more modern producers like Drippin and Cashmere Cat. Almost all of which, hail from Bergen.

Niilas makes everything from hard-banging club tracks to sampled hip-hop beats. All of these has influenced his style to where it is today, and where it may go in the future. Ocelote is the result of this, and after doing remixes for the likes of Sondre Lerche and Stockhaus, he is now ready for his own track on Balsa Wood.

Foreground Set is an uprising Bergen based electronic artist, known for his catchy electronic feel-good rhythms. Infused by the uplifting beats of funk, soul, jazz and hip hop, Foreground Set adds a certain intricacy to his music, setting himself alongside his successful electronic compatriots.

All Peak Run came into existence late August 2014, and is actually an ode to EA’s SSX3 snowboard game, known for the super uber boost, over the top tricks, such as double quadrouple backflips while breakdancing on the snowboard accompanied by one of the best soundtracks ever heard. The infamous all peak run is a run where the rider ascends from the highest peak to the bottom, lasting around 20 minutes, with the bar so high it only took a perfect, clean run to earn gold. This track is a celebration of nostalgia, dedication, maximalism, super uber boost and gold medals!