New signing: Slaughter Beach

Slaughter Beach (DK) – “Spinning Globe” out now!
“Danes Slaughter Beach are displaying penchant for airy guitar figures and soporific melodies just a few tracks into their burgeoning career. Latest number ‘Spinning Globe is a carefree jaunt across the dreamy back-catalogues of Modest Mouse and Beach House.” – NME

Slaughter Beach is a new young Danish trio, playing nostalgic and dreamy indie pop-rock topped with catchy synths. Spaced out vocals and crackling guitars overlay countless riffs with incredible sticking power. The band consisting of Nikolaj Westi, Hasse Mydtskov and Mads Emil Aagaard, is based in their hometown Odense, however their sound is no way near this small Danish city.

Slaughter Beach´s debut EP will be released on Brilliance Records in the early Fall 2015. “Spinning Globe”, first single from the EP, will be out digitally 19th of June.

Slaughter Beach has already achieved a great amount of hype; their two first tracks on Soundcloud was picked up by NME, The Line of Best Fit and Pigeons & Planes amongst others. The band made their live debut in Gothenburg, Sweden, and followed up by playing at Canadian Music Week in Toronto. Back in their studio in Odense, Denmark they are currently spending their time on the following: Eating, sleeping and of course making new songs. Slaughter Beach is due to play the Roskilde Festival in Denmark on 30th of June this summer.