David Douglas – Moon Observations out now!

David Douglas is a Dutch electronica producer featured with his debut album ‘Moon Observations’ on Brilliance Records (Norway) 12th of September. He will pay a short visit to Norway for two special shows together with Intertwine:

25.09 Landmark, Bergen
26.09 Dattera Til Hagen, Oslo

David’s work as a musician, he makes a part time living as a video director. Over the years, he has worked on several major television and film productions and he has directed music video’s for artists like Blaudzun, John Coffey, Daniel Beddingfield and for his own track “California Poppy”.

Inspired by the stories of his namesake David Douglas (1799) – a Scottish plant hunter who explored North America collecting seeds of plants and trees unknown to mankind at that time – David (1983) started looking for his own musical roots. The greatness of nature – the sublime mountain landscapes, Icelandic lupine fields, Arctic coastlines, Californian fir forest – invigorate his music.

As the albums title declares, the moon was a big inspiration during the process of writing the album: ‘I like working at nights. When I was writing new songs for my full length album I was fascinated by the moon. During that time I was reading the Journals that the Scottish Botanist kept during his journeys through North America. He wrote about the splendor of the moon during his astronomical observations. and then I reallized that this celestial object has been observed since the dawn of mankind, and we still do. Moon Observations is a musical ode to all moon observers in time.’

“As the sun sunk behind the western flank of Mouna Roa, the splendour of the scene increased, but when the nearly full moon rose in a cloudless sky, and shed her silvery brightness on the fiery lake, roaring and boiling in fearful majesty, the spectacle became so commanding, that I lost a fine night for making astronomical observations, by gazing on the volcano, the illumination of which was but little diminished by a thick haze that set in at midnight.” Journal kept by David Douglas, January 23th 1834. Scottish botanist.

”On the new LP Douglas looks towards the wonders of the natural world for inspiration, weaving organic textures and contoured field recordings in alongside more robotic landscapes and dub-wise studio tricks.” – SPIN magazine

”Check out the glowing, mid-tempo title track.” – Pitchfork

 “…as Douglas meticulously creates a scenic landscape of brightly gleaming sonic textures with a myraid of ingeredients.” – XLR8R