Philco Fiction release new single and play By:larm

“Oh Future” is the first piece of music from their next album coming out later this year. (Give Us To The Lions 2010, Take it Personal 2012) They spent the last, last sip of 2012 daylight designing knee-aches and heart-aches for 2013. Sometimes it’s good to be ahead of the aches and the shakes, in whatever form they may appear. God is in the bass. Janet Jackson is in the hips. Bright white high heels and ice-cubes. Like when you’re drinking the last sip of your drink and the ice hits your face and it makes you wanna dance. It never does. Hope you will listen. Hope you will like what you hear. Hope it will make you wanna dance. And after the last dance I hope you want to share what you’ve heard with the rest of the world.

The single preimiered on MTV Iggy on friday, you can now buy the single on Itunes and stream it on Spotify / Wimp.

Philco Fiction will also be playing By:larm this week:

Friday / Sentrum Scene / 22.00 /// Saturday / Mono / 00.00