Brilliance på Vill Vill Vest i Bergen denne uken!

September 12, 2016vvvb

Vi gleder oss til første utgaven av Vill Vill Vest, her er en oversikt over hva vi har på programmet!

Håper å se deg rundt!

Strange Hellos
Onsdag 21:00 Live akkustisk på P3Ruben på Victoria Café og Pub
Torsdag 23:45 på Hulen

“Strange Hellos celebrate the best of power pop in a mythical, dreamy way.» – NYLON

Sverres Ark
Torsdag 18:00 Ticketco fest på Østre
Fredag 22:00 på Victoria Café og Pub

Torsdag 17-19 på Østre i samarbeid med Ticketco og, gratis mat/drikke 
Fredag 17-19 hos Brilliance HQ i samarbeid med INgrooves, gratis drikke 

I tillegg har vi følgende artister på Diamond Club:

21:00 Obijan – Victoria Café og Pub
21:30 Misty Coast – Landmark
22:15 Marinius – Kvarteret
22:30 Sløtface – Hulen
00:00 Hester V75 – Klubb Kok
00:15 Ondt Blod – Garage

20:30 Hage – Garage

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Slaughter Beach – Shere Khan

September 2, 2016sb

A charming and uplifting number, it’s taken from the band’s upcoming ‘Heroic Dose’ EP, set to drop on 7th October.

The band explain:

“I have a friend who has a special kind of hold on the people he spends time with. He has the kind of unconventional perspective on things that you would have never thought of yourself, which in a strange way always makes sense.

“He’s very good at cheering you up but leaves you questioning everything about yourself which can be encouraging but at the same time difficult to deal with for some.

“When I made the early demo for ‘Shere Khan’ I didn’t intend to write about anyone in particular, but as the song progressed I realised that I was writing about this friend of mine and the effect he has on me for better and worse.”

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Line Dybedal – Fri som fuglen

September 2, 2016ld

Jenta fra Selje har fått flere av låtene sine listet på radio, hvor fire låter har blitt listet på blant annet P1 og P3. I dag er hun altså ute med en ny låt, som antagelig også får sett radioens lys. Det tror vi.

I februar flytta hun hjem til gården i Selje, hvor hun bor sammen med resten av familien, samtidig som hun lager sine egne låter.

– Ein kan skrive musikk uansett kvar ein er i verda. Eg håpar og trur at nærheita med fjella, dyra, og havet vil gje meg mykje inspirasjon. Huset vi skal bu i har vore fylt med musikk igjennom 200 år, og når mannen har bygd studio i lada som står rett ved sidan av, så eg har tru på at dette skal bli rett så festleg.

– Fri som fuglen handlar om å vere låst i ein lengsel, å bli dregen mellom det som var og som det som skal bli. Sjølv om fornufta veit kva som skal gjerast er det ofte lettare å dyrke lengselen – Del sorgene så dei vert mindre, del gledene så dei vert større.

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New signing: Mr Little Jeans

August 20, 201612244264_10153696097265406_6754347899135463679_o

Brilliance Records is pleased to announce the signing of Mr Little Jeans, aka Monica Birkenes for the Nordics.

Born and raised in Grimstad, Norway, Birkenes is the daughter of a shipbuilder and secretary. Birkenes spent her childhood immersed in music, including early influences from PJ Harvey and Massive Attack.  In 2011, the Norwegian electro-pop artist first captured attention with her striking, stripped-down rendition of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs.” In 2014, Mr Little Jeans released the critically beloved debut album Pocketknife, featuring rapturous tracks like “Good Mistake” and “Oh Sailor (Feat. The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale).”  Mr Little Jeans now resides in Los Angeles.

Earlier this year, Mr Little Jeans partnered with Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Apple Music radio show to share “Fool 4 U” a synth gem produced by Tim Anderson (Banks, Halsey) from the forthcoming EP (due for release later this year).  Norwegian producer-DJ collective Rytmeklubben, who made waves with their recent remix of Zayn’s track “Like I Would”, flips the track.

Check Out (& Share) “Fool 4 U (Rytmeklubben Remix)” Here:

In the coming weeks, stay tuned for information regarding Mr Little Jeans.

Critical Praises:

“magic…how she managed to fly under the radar for the past few years is beyond us” – NYLON

“Monica Birkenes makes propulsive, epic pop music with gnarled synth lines and alluring textures”  – NPR Music

“Spare production split between synths and a mandolin flutter, compiling into a stepped, latticed crescendo and the breathy vocals all come together in a jam tailor-made for a summer evening” – Billboard

“Mr Little Jeans is an awesome girl band to know now” – New York Magazine

“Mr Little Jeans: absolutely not one to be missed” – MTV

“That’s right, Mr Little Jeans is not a dude.  She’s a lady.  And a very talented one!” – Perez Hilton

“Mr Little Jeans Gets Bigger!” – Billboard (“Bubbling Under” Feature)

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Say hello to our newest signing “Strange Hellos”

August 8, 2016StrangeHellos_Promo2016_Haara03

New bandproject with members from AURORA, The Megaphonic Thrift and Great News!

Strange Hellos are releasing their second single “Summer” today followed by their debut concert at Øya festival!

Photo: Øystein Grutle Haara

Strange Hellos was started as a studio project fall 2015 by Odd Martin Skålnes (O. Martin, Aurora), Birgitta Alida Hole (Lumikide), Fredrik Vogsborg (The Megaphonic Thrift, Casiokids) and Even Kjellby (Great News). Big sound, catchy melodies, dreamy vocals and dirty guitars are the main focus when Strange Hellos gather to create music – a form of new-power-pop with delicious references including Teenage Fanclub and Cocteau Twins. After a few months of experimentation they released their first single, “Broken Teenage Heart” on Diamond Club. Strange Hellos makes his live debut during this years Øyafestival in Oslo.

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New signing: Magnus Bechmann

August 5, 2016mb

We are proud to be working with this young aspiring new act from Norway!

Picked as “The Hottest Brand New Act” at By:larm 2016 by NME:
“With the youthful naivety of ‘Leisure’-era Blur and catchy pop hooks ripped straight from Two Door Cinema Club, teenage prodigy Magnus Bechmann has the look and the tunes to go real far.»

20 year old Magnus Bechmann from Sandvika has already begun his pursuit of a musical career. Last year he was listed on Norwegian National Radio NRK P3 with his debut-single “Keep On Playing Nice”. The single was listed for 15 weeks. Inspired by artists like Sondre Lerche, Dan Croll and Dirty Projectors he writes captivating pop music full of catchy melodies and guitar hooks.

Magnus is releasing his new single “Running Off” today and will be playing Club Øya at Tilt Tuesday 9. Aug at 20.00

The new single is produced by Erlend Mokkelbost (Montée, Bow To Each Other)

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Slaughter Beach return with the broken dream pop of “Glaze”

June 6, 2016sb
The Odense-based trio of Nikolaj Westi, Mads Emil Aagaard and Hasse Mydtskov (also a member of The Kissaway Trail) came to our attention through early single “Made-Up True Love” in 2013 and made good on this promise through the Love/Venice EP in the latter half of last year.

With “Glaze”, Slaughter Beach have messed around with their sonic palette, combining forward-thinking production and recording with more than a slight nod to some of their musical influences. As the band says “we feel like this track embodies the spirit and vibe of our past, now and future as a band. There’s always been a tang of nostalgia in our music, but we’ve never been striving for just being great at emulating our heroes of some lost golden age of music…we feel as though we’ve made something that’s nostalgic and futuristic at the same time.”

The track deconstructs and degrades a dream pop framework; jangling guitars are cut through with synth buzz like The Radio Dept. sent through a 4AD filter, while water-treated vocals adding uncertainty, yet also vital melody. The opening lines of “Glaze” are “I’m so sorry that I let you down / made you crumble overnight / so I try to keep out of your way” , signalling that it’s not just the music that’s being taken apart and put back together again.

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Ny signering: Kajander

May 30, 2016kajander-pressebilde6-2016-foto-terje-arntsen2

Det er en glede å annonsere vår nyeste signering på management Kajander fra Lofoten. Vi gav ut singelen “E du den du vil vær?” på Diamond Club i april som har gitt han en pangstart med B-rotasjon på P3 og snart over 100 000 streams på under en måned. Bendik Kajander har trommet sammen et band og er nå klar for en rekke konsert i sommer, inkludert vår egen showcase under Øya-uken. Kanskje får du høre ny musikk om ikke altfor lenge!

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April 6, 2016Print

KAKKMADDAFAKKAs new album “KMF” is out now!

Order CD/Vinyl here 

Nymusikkhverdag 9/10
Musikknyheter 8/10
Dagsavisen 5/6
Studvest 4/5 

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L/O/O/N debut LP

March 11, 201612227375_10156294890010515_454555266_o (2)
“Fresh yet polished handiwork through glistening soundscapes and beat-driven excursions” SPIN
“Impressive stuff from an obvious contender” DJ Mag *******
“It’s concise, punchy, it leaves you wanting more and, quite possibly, hammering the repeat button. A really strong debut from an exciting young producer.” Clash Magazine *******
“Impressive debut” Exclaim! *******
“A properly uplifting record” Electronic Sound Magazine
“Brings the heat on!” EARMILK

In a climate where music is cheap and anyone with a laptop is a potential EDM artist, 21-year-old producer L/O/O/N looms imposingly as a production powerhouse. Originally from Tromsø, L/O/O/N (real name Mikael Kanstad) comes from a guitar-playing heavy metal background. After deciding to eschew the life of collectively organised band rehearsals in favour of running on his own clock, he formed the project L/O/O/N to vent music of a more electronic bent.

His self-titled LP, released March 11th on Balsa Wood, is a nine song romp through beat-heavy euphoric soundscapes. It plays with a dizzying array of dynamics, from hard hitting, hip-hop inspired dance music, to more laid back, blissed-out affairs, though ultimately never losing sight of his sweeping panoramic vision. Lead single ‘Dropping Face’ is a clarion call to the worldwide EDM community. Its lurching synths provide a constantly shifting quicksand base. The song’s rapid stuttering beats belie the delicacy of its synth melodies, before respite comes in the form of an ocean-calm bridge. L/O/O/N’s style here and throughout the LP owes much to his influences – bold, assertive, technicolour production is at once reminiscent of Hudson Mohawke, while the general life-affirming euphoria recalls Sweater Beats.

‘L/O/O/N’ is a wildly whimsical LP that often communicates multiple emotions at once. The urgent club-ready drums of ‘Heat’ co-exist with seraphic synth lines in a song which features two prominent beat drops. If L/O/O/N is aiming for transcendence he often gets there through the heady eccentricity of his execution. ‘Feel Good’ is a self-consciously feel-good song. The intro recalls Lido’s more R&B-leaning work but it’s quickly churned through some seriously warped production. The sliding synths endow it with a mammoth presence amidst all the jaunty sky gazing.

The fluidity of ‘Aye Aye’ manifests itself quite literally with cascading synths and buoyant bass. L/O/O/N’s nuanced synthesis on it would have Rustie eyeballing it with envy before the beat even drops. When it does finally drop, the fluidity evaporates and leaves us with a towering and brutalist urban soundscape that precisely tows the line between brashly imposing and compulsively danceable. Album closer ‘More Time’ ends on a sugar high. The sheer candied euphoria L/O/O/N channels on the track is both bombastic and gratifying, making for a joyous finale.

L/O/O/N is an artist fully capable of turning the page on EDM music and writing the next. There is no one quite like him, but he’s also the sum of his parts. Ultimately, origination and originality are both about selecting which parts to add to the equation. L/O/O/N’s music is club ready, but he never compromises on his fearless individuality and idiosyncracy. Mostly what listeners to the ‘L/O/O/N’ LP can be assured of is that L/O/O/N is never predictable and always protean. These are the things pioneers are made of.

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