Diamond Club presents: Intertwine + The Lionheads at Café Mono 20. Sept

September 19, 2012Diamond clubposter2

We are proud to present our first clubnight presenting two new emerging acts:


Intertwine – So what (DC#1) by Diamond Club


The Lionheads – Kids (DC#2) by Diamond Club

22:00 The Lionheads
23:00 Intertwine
23:30 Brilliance DJs

CC: 100,-

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Diamond Club presents: The Lionheads – Kids (DC #2)

September 17, 2012_MG_6799_RoL

The Lionheads – Kids (DC#2) by Diamond Club

The Lionheads is a five-piece from Oslo, with members from different parts of Norway. Their soundscape fills up with huge guitar sounds, dreamy synths and melodic vocals.
Their inspiration is picked from different genres and their songs moves in the landscape between pop and rock.

After spending the last couple of months on playing gigs and working in the studio the band finally are ready to release their first single “Kids” on Diamond Club 17. September. See the band live on Mono this Thursday 20. September together with Intertwine

Buy their single on iTunes here

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Jacky Jean release new single

September 10, 2012jacky_freeatlast_cover

Jacky Jean is getting closer to their debutalbum release with their new single “Free At Last”. Produced and mixed by Bjarne Stensli.

The band will play two shows with Departure following dates:

15.09 Byscenen, Trondheim
18.10 Internasjonalen, Oslo

You can download the single here

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Diamond Club presents: Intertwine – So what (DC #1)

September 3, 2012Intertwine

Foto: Christina Undrum Andersen

Intertwine is Tarjei Ekelund, Aleks Berg and a handful of strange melodies soaked in trumpets, drum machines, resonance, reverbs and sounds you’ve never heard before. Named “Ukas Urørt” previous this year, played his first gig i march and have already got international label attention. We are very exited to present our first Diamond Club single with Intertwine and the great tune So what. Catch him live the following dates:

06.09 Kakao musikk presents: Cafe Løkka, Trondheim
20.09 Diamond Club presents: Cafe Mono, Oslo

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Sameblod tour Scandinavia

August 30, 2012614560_401121486609129_306554946_o

Brilliance and Riot Factory presents Sameblod Scandinavia tour:

01.09 Popidyll, Kalmar
07.09 Debaser, Stockholm
08.09 Debaser, Malmö
13.09 Phonofestival, Bergen
14.09 Cementen, Stavanger
15.09 Trashpop, Kristiansand

Wild arctic nature. Big city pulse. Fearless synthesizers, miles and miles of reverb, and delicate rhythms. Delicious swedish indietronica from Stockholm by way of San Francisco and the cold northern regions of Sweden.Long nights of dancing and long hikes in the mountains.

Sameblod is one of Swedens most promising and exciting new acts – Frederick and Mikael in Sameblod have received lots of blog-attention, even more plays on Soundcloud and hopefully this is just the beginning.

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August 27, 2012Skjermbilde 2012-08-15 kl. 20.28.02

After 6 years of massive touring (England, USA, Japan, Iceland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway) the band no puts an end to the project. The band got to release an EP and album, and are now ending it with some rare tracks / unreleased songs EP.

You can experience Simon Says No! for the last time with the original line-up including Simon himself and a bunch of guestartists at following dates:

29.09 Kvarteret, Bergen
11.10 Parkteatret, Oslo

Prelisten to SIMON SAYS NO! FOR THE LAST TIME EP (soon to be released)

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New signing: Intertwine

August 25, 2012386203

Just get used to the name, Intertwine is an act we have been watching for a long time and is one of the most exiting new acts from Norway at the moment. Intertwine plays a soft, dreamy electro – combined with trumpets, drummachines, funky bass lines, resonance and reverb. Named “Ukas Urørt” earlier this year with the song “So What”.

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New website and company

August 21, 2012Karat-logo2

Hello everyone!

We are proud of presenting our new website and profile designed by Leif Haaland and made by Sébastien Dehesdin.

Out of Brilliance there is now a new company called Karat taking care of our heavier segment of artists. Joffe Myrvold will be in charge of the new company. Check out the website here

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Brilliance at Øya

August 6, 2012IMG_1187

It´s that week again, Øya, that we have been looking forward to since Lykke Li so beautifully ended the 2011 edition. We still can´t belive it, but this years line-up is even strongen than last years! Brilliance proudly presents 3 amazing bands during the festival. See you in the pit! Continue Reading →

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